Moving Linux Shared Server To Managed Dedicated Server Hosting 2019

Moving Linux Shared Server To Managed Dedicated Server Hosting 2019 | Even though its is not good idea to jump from shared to dedicated directly we recommend to movie VPS hosting first after the satisfaction natters you can move to dedicated one.

Cause in most of the times it is better the site with virtual private server hosting. Even the vps nowadays are super powered and will handle your website visitors efficiently.

However while if you need higher power you need dedicated server hosting no doubt in that. But don’t jump from shared to dedicated if your hosting company says something about that it will increase SEO, Visitors etc,.

Always good content can only boost your rankings and visitors. When you got high visitors your shared server may show under maintenance error or 503 error this is because your hosting company usually set an limit for shared server.

once your website reached that limit you will get mail and don’t hurry to move to vps or dedicated due to more scripts running will also cause this problem try to optimize the scripts first and once done check again it should work.

If you are using WordPress try to deactivate unused plugins that will optimize your site. But if your server is down due to over visitors check whether they are real visitors or bots if they are bots control them in robots.txt and webmasters.

Now if they are real visitors no other chance just move to VPS and still no improvement it even bring your site down upgrade to managed dedicated server hosting or cloud. Before that take complete back up at night cause while taking back up in day due to heavy visitors this may also bring your site down with errors.

dedicated linux hosting

So just wake up at night and take back up always start with Database first it is better to add a landing page showing under maintenance that will help your visitors to understand there is a working being processed.

Now if you are using Cpanel in shared server just make backup by using back up option in that and transfer files to new managed server through filezilla or normal up-loader.

It is better to go with filezilla because normal up loader may land you in trouble if you have any connectivity problem. Now double check the files by adding them in an excel sheet now your website is super powered and you can handle tons of visitors in dedicated server.

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