Dedicated hosting comparison Godaddy VS Big rock VS hostgator 2019

Dedicated Linux server hosting comparison Godaddy VS Big rock VS hostgator 2019 | Lets compare the three top 3 companies which provides hosting for thousands of websites around the world. As dedicated server is one of the important factor for professional websites lets check which among these three to choose for your website’s hosting.

Before start lets know about some of the important points regarding the dedicated servers. If you have website with low traffic this dedicated server is not for you even though you have confidence on your website traffic and usage don’t enter into dedicated hosting too soon try to concentrate on the content first then others.

VPS if your website has decent traffic don’t jump from shared website to dedicated website hosting too soon first jump to the next level of hosting which is Virtual private network which is next to the fastest server.

Another reasons is many website hosting companies wont allow your website to use more ram and memory on the shared hosting because it may affect other website’s performance first they will warn you to upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers or your site may get banned in their servers due to huge usage.

Yes dedicated hosting has more SEO advantages but it is one of the ranking signal like domain age and authority but not much. Now comparing the three top hosting companies basic dedicated server hosting.

Big rock providing the basic plan in the name of mach-1 without taxes it cost around 7000 rupees. In this package you have Intel e3 with 2.30 GHZ dual core followed by 4 GB ram 1000 GB Hard disk and 5 tb transfer per month and 2 free IP address for better seo.

Hostgator provides the basic pack in the name of basic plan followed by Intel e3 processor – 2.30 GHZ with 4GB ram 1000 GB HD, 2 IP address additionally with free website migration support this is for which traffic your website is based on they will migrate your site on the fastest server they need that is data center this basic package dedicated hosting costs nearly 6830.RS per month.

And the Godaddy basic plan in dedicated hosting costs only 4719.RS excluding taxes which is very low compared with others but when you renew it costs around 11K per month and it also has 4 CPU cores, 4 GB ram, 3 Dedicated IP’S and 1 Year free SSL too.

So the choice is yours check these configurations to choose the best dedicated server that is suitable for you.

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