Website server data center and SEO Advantages 2019

Website server data center and SEO Advantages 2019 | Most of the website owners have this doubt about whether the data center have any influence in the SEO search engine rankings the short answer is YES.

Lets look for the long answer, most of the hosting providers will ask you which data center you need for your website they will also tell you that target your customers location and choose good location for data center.

We made a test with our site by selecting different data center on this problem, We choose North America first what happen is the site went great in the western countries rankings and some what low in Asian countries.

Our articles are some what based on Asian countries so the targeted audience is Asia, with data center in America wont help in our scenario. Another major reason for this ranking is speed, if your site center is in USA the bots and users will need some seconds to connect with site due to the server place distance.

While if the server is closer to your audience the time required to connect is very low that also a major reason for the rankings change. Then we moved our site to UK based center in this scenario we have some slight ranking changes in both American side and Asian side.

Tested with US VPN for the rankings of our site some little drop and little raise in Asian countries this is because the center is come what middle to the both continents. After moved the website to the server which is closed to the Asia ranking was boosted followed by traffic.

Nearly 10%-15% of site traffic increased but shockingly the visitors from USA was not much less after the move. Another good move in this problem is choose a best CDN content delivery network (Paid version) This will make your site available all the time and load the website from data centers all around the world where your visitors from. Any more suggestions on this type on the comments box.

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