5th force Dark matter scientist update 2019

Dark matter the 25% of the universe is covered by this as per latest report by the scientist, rest of the 5 % only the matter and balance 70% is known as dark energy.

The percentage may be vary if these things are found in the future. First of all in later 1990’s only the dark matter has been first found by scientist¬†and started research about this extra 5th force. This dark matter is not observed by any tech objects we have ever found. the existence of the dark matter is found by the gravitational force by those dark matter.

First popular scientist thought is was black hole but it was later it was not considered as black hole because nothing can escape from the gravitational force of a black hole but in this case the light has passed through the gravitational force with a bend. This was a reason behind the recognition of dark matter.

If this dark matter 5th force was introduced by some advanced materials then our current physics invention properties may change. But the dark energy is above all of them which is also known as negative energy same as dark matter this was not also recognized by our current inventions.

This negative energy was holding entire dark matter and visible matter but according to scientist even if the negative matter or dark matter are found they will not able to find dark energy because it is very huge then we imagine. Additionally more Hollywood movies are taking films on the basis of this 5th force lets know more about the endless nuclear power in upcoming movies like 2.0 etc,.

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