Cyber insurance coverage Importance 2019

Cyber attack became one of the major threat to the world wide internet users, lets know the importance of cyber insurance which will help you to recover and safe guard from those dangerous threats 2019.

You cannot live and survive with out internet nowadays no transaction will be done with out internet, so you cannot avoid them same as you cannot avoid these kind of attackers from their cyber attack, If they are going to attack your account with a group of hackers your account can be hacked easily, But if you have enabled more security terms like two step security Otp (one time password), Mail verification your account is some secured.

But according to latest survey lot of people are not aware of this two step security and more, so this was one of the major cause for cyber attack if we are safe the hackers need more time to hack our account. Don’t ever click scam emails even they said you have won millions because a single click will lead you to track all your account details. 

Business owners you have to insure you companies for sure because a single employee mistake make lead your entire company into trouble for example if your single employee’s computer is hacked by the hackers is enough to track entire office computers. 

Many popular insurance companies like HDFC ERGO, bajaj will give you 100% of legal protection too to avoid damages from the third parties. Cheap insurance for this cyber security starts at 1500 Rs which is nearly 15 Lakhs but consider increasing the amount if you are business owners because these cyber attackers not only gives damage to your company but also your customers / clients too so to cover their property also you have to make a cyber insurance before getting to late.

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