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Create-Meme.Com | Collage by uploading your own photos

Confusion in making collages ? watch our youtube tutorial videos on this it will help ! Collage meme tutorial

Collage photos for making memes Online:

you can collage photos here for making memes online perfect border for making memes easliy, you can add upto 7 images in this portal.

step 1: select the number of photos you are going to collage, initially 2 photos is the limit for making one photo meme visit our homepage. you can select from 2 - 7 photos.

step 2: two layout options is avaliable one is vertical other is horizontal, you can choose based on your meme needs maximum horizontal memes are used in social networks.

step 3: select the size of the photos based on your need, initially 600 / 400 is alloted ( Updated 1100 * 874 ), after selecting the proper size only you can proceed further, additionally you can change border color.

step 4: choose file base on your collage selected if it was 2 just upload two images and drag based on your requirement. And click create collage.

Step 5: On step 5 your image will be popup in our site just download the image by Save Image By Right click or Use long press + save if you are from Mobile. Then -> upload meme photo / Template.

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