Why Claiming insurance for small car dent is bad 2019

Claiming insurance for small car dent 2019 | today we are going to analyses whether claiming insurance for small dental is good or bad in 2019.

Days changed only one insurance claim is available for the cars in olden days but today after heavy competitions with the insurance companies have increased the times of claims.

For example if you have bought bumper to bumper car insurance then your car will have claims for every parts from front bumper to rear bumper.( Note: some insurance companies will not allow to claim for certain plastic materials).

After that many companies will smile to provide bumper to bumper insurance for one or two times in a year but later you may get delay on claiming for your car.

claim insurance
claim insurance

Then insurance companies gave an offer for the customers in order to avoid continuous car/vehicle claims for small dents, that is if you have not claimed for insurance in past one year then your renewal will gain a bonus, That is nearly 30% will be discounted on next renewal. Even it was supported by cross insurance companies too.

If you have not claim in one company and willing to move to next company your non claimable bonus is available on new insurance company that you have liked to change.

So the companies also not interested in claim for small little dent and scratches because it is waste of time and money but even though they hated that they will claim to make your car look like new one.

But after couple of small claims your insurance company may ignore you or charge higher than expected additionally new policy asked the customers to renew for more that 5 years for the third party coverage. So use the claims wisely small dent will hurt you but not your car go for only big dents and use the non claimable bonus for next year.

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