Very Cheap domain Linux web hosting with email login 2019

Very Cheap domain Linux web hosting with email login 2019 | It is good to go with cheap nowadays then big start, cause a little failure may bring down your entire web project / website.

Buy the domains with little cost first the web hosting and domain name providers always love new website developers / owners so they give tons of offers to them.

Don’t try to use fake ids to create new domains cause they will ask credit card for the domain registration which may land you in trouble. Try to buy in cost if you have already bought domain name from that provider already or try different domain name provider but there is a problem with that too, cause not all providers are willing to host with other hosting providers some are ordering the buyers to host with them in order to enjoy cheap registration.

Go with good top level domain name providers cause you are buying it very cheap as a result some bad hosting providers may pluck your names and sell to others based on bid method so read the conditions carefully before make the payment.

So new users will have cheap domains and old users based on they buy frequently and offers are available for them if you have enter the correct promo code make sure you have enabled email marketing and phone calls which will give you best offers from the promotional team.

Why Linux hosting ?

As per reviewers both windows and Linux hosting servers are same but in case of user interface Linux is very simple and easy to install that is why many developers are choosing Linux than windows.

You don’t need to buy email login with third party nowadays, Linux operating system provides email configuration easily so you can install by adding the name and quota memory for your mail address and simply send emails through web mail or squirrel mail.

cheap domain
cheap domain

But these web mail and squirrel does not have much interface like google’s gmail but can be used for just sending emails. In case of hosting many free web hosting are available but in SEO case they are not advisable.

So go for just 512 MB ram host at the beginning is more enough for small traffic and try cloud flare which may solve heavy traffics to your site too. And Remember CDN like cloud flare will not support Free SSL which may cause SEO issues too try their paid versions for that.

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