Things to remember before you buy a website domain 2019

Things to remember before you buy a website domain 2019 | Buying domain for your business website is very important nowadays, but more important things you need to check before you buy a perfect domain name.

Internet is not like before there are many popular domain names are taken by set of domain resellers, when they realized that domain name is key for all companies ( for example is sold to the Facebook team for billions) these resellers bought these domains and wait for the right buyers. Because many hosting providers are selling the domain names cheap, which became a great advantage of the domain name buyers.

But the real problem starts here well they don’t get the customers for their domains as expected, As a result to save the domain for one year or more and their confidence about this domain will get huge amount later, They will park the domain on cheap scam hosting providers, free hosting providers which also holds tons of scam websites on their near block.

Usually a dedicated server which provides free website hosting usually has tons of scam websites because they are free, when search engines that checks your domains parked on that kind of server will not give good impression as a result, Your domain is black-marked by the search engines. If a domain is banned by search engines then your domain is done, very very less chances for recovering it.

Because the search engines believe that a banned / blocked domains are always a bad, so consider them before buying it, check for site’s past details and using search engines to by typing this on search engines like google “”, If the domain name your are going to buy is old then it must show result for this if not this may be banned by the search consoles for improper content.

Other thing you have to consider is check for the back-links in webmasters, this was another head ache back-links and external links should pointed or pointed from good websites,

In case if scam websites pointed them, it can also affect search result and traffic, So clear them before you buy the domain and host your contents. If your company name needs that website which is scammed earlier consider using “-” this symbols and buy a new domain, Because new domain is lot more better than old banned websites.

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