Buy best web address domain name suffix SEO merits 2019

Buy best web address domain name suffix SEO merits 2019 | Tons of suffix web address available in internet today are they worth buying in 2019? will the suffix matters in SEO? Many question regarding this in the mind of website owners world wide lets cover some of the doubts for now.

people who are not aware of the domain will search for web address buying, yes but both are same domain name is company name + suffix’s ( company_name or ).

Suffix web address:

In olden days every one thought that .com is the only extension of the web address but later due to demand created by the resellers and lack of names ( due to good domain names are blocked by the domain resellers) company’s and organizations domain names are struggling to get their best names related to their company name.

But thanks to multiple suffix availability nowadays the company’s and organization have a relief now. so they don’t need to invest much money on grabbing the domain name with .com suffix which was intentionally blocked by some one to block your company name and bid it with higher rate.

best domain web address
best domain web address

Just buy domain names in different suffix and just keep the content updated in your website, tell google about your business and name by submitting google my business page after the verification process based on the letter sent to your address google will give authorization to your company name.

Just link your domain name with any suffix with them and it will get high domain authority compare to other .com suffix. Don’t worry about spam spreaders in your company name google will always take down these kind of website or just complain online.

After that maximum of resellers will think this domain is a waste of time and the domain will be dropped you can get the domain web address with less cost itself and make sure buy it for long 3 to 4 years package which have to advantage one is domain authority other is safety.

In olden days every one thought dot com extension has more weighted but later google;s twitter account confirmed it was not always the neutral side google said content is the one we look after.

Suffix have another advantage like if your company is photography related then you can get extension similar like that pets, food everything is so catchy, try to choose small names with these catchy extensions is more enough for now.

But wait this is update for 2019 only based on the changes in search engines domain SEO will also change. Double check these thing before submit your project to professional seo company and give them some time.

Cause if your site is new it will take more than 6 month to get good progress google won’t give high ranking for new baby website.

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