Auto google adsense ads experimental update 2019

Auto google adsense ads experimental update 2019 | Being google adsense user for a long time we tried to upgrade auto ads mode in experimental, Based on the performance reports we will try to stick with normal more or auto mode.

How many days does this experiment done? Performance reports between normal adsense and auto ads compared more than 4 weeks nearly 1 to 1 and half months.

why late comparison when adsense auto ads introduced earlier? Yes auto ads adsense was came to live earlier 2018 but in that time we saw many reviews from many popular websites that many ad places are empty.

Later adsense updated their auto ads performance and now there is no empty places in auto ads upgrade. In which places does auto ads filling ads? One of the major demerits is ad blindness.

auto ads
adsense auto ads

If your website is visited by repeated user they will know your ad place and as a result your ads will not get good impressions, but in the case of auto ads this blindness is not a problem auto intelligence adsense auto ads it will automatically choose best ads place for your website and will change it periodically which will result good ad impressions.

So what is revenue difference between old ads and auto ads? As said before the ad blindness problem is solved in auto ads which gave super impressions and which increased CPC ( cost per click ) and CTR ( click through rate).

Recommending auto ads for others? Yes, auto ads in adsense is a holy grail for website owners you can earn more from auto ads and it is recommended to place the ads in high text pages which are more than 500 words.

What about auto AMP ads? Just like global auto ads for desktop amp auto ads also performed well which also integrating next gen ad formats for mobiles. This also generates good revenue for mobile version of your websites also.

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