Attorney for Woman Sabrina Limon who accused of killed her husband 2017

Attorney for Woman Sabrina Limon who accused of killed her husband 2017 Limon is accused of serving as the mastermind of a plot to kill her husband. Today as the defense for sabrina limon is worried national coverage of her alleged role in the murder of her husband robert has tainted the jury pool.

Nearly three years to the day her husband robert was shot and killed by her lover, sabrina limon was set to stand trial. But where limon’s case will be heard is now up for debate limon’s attorney has entered a change of venue motion, asking the judge to consider moving the trial out of kern county because of the national media attention the case against limon and lover jonathan hearn has gathered, with crime watch daily, 20/20 and dateline among the national programs that have aired or followed the case the judge has postponed discussion of moving the trial until after potential jury candidates have been questioned… if the pool has been considered tainted, then a change of venue will be discussed.

Robert limon was shot by hearn at a tehachapi railyard in august 2014… just days before his trial was set to begin in january, hearn admitted to shooting robert and took a plea deal for 25 years in prison in exchange for testifying against sabrina , who was arrested in ventura county nearly two and a half years after the murder though hearn pulled the trigger, he testified that sabrina is the mastermind of the death of her husband, with hearn testifying that the two had discussed ways to poison robert before hearn shot him. Court documents reveal that hearn and sabrina met while she worked at costco in 2012 when hearn was working as a firefighter in redlands.

Sabrina limon is facing murder, attempted murder, conspiracy and poison charges… she will be back in court later this week…jury selection is set to begin next week, with an answer on whether limon will stand trial in bakersfield to be decided shortly after… In downtown bakersfield, ken mashinchi, 23abc. And our coverage of the limon murder

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