Adwords error your account isn’t active because you haven’t entered billing

Adwords error your account isn’t active because you haven’t entered billing information | To active your account and start running your ads | Ad words is one of the powerful advertising online platform even though many people thought after the raise of social networks the SEO ads and display ads may die but it was wrong.

Even after raise of social networks ads, the seo search ads and display ads provided by adwords didn’t fade away they are showing their domination still on internet. This is because of search engines, in social networks you can see ads on display and in force but in the case of search ads they will get clients based on the clients own searches.

And the customers find better result on ad-words then social media’s for example if a customer wants a chair he will search for chair in Google and will find ads on top which is simple and best ever lead generation for sellers. After many changes in both interior and exterior in adwords in recent years now ad-words application is some what faster than before.

As said before some internal changes also have been done in payment method. That is paying through debit card / credit card method.
In this case you have to verify your credit or debit card before start and minimum payment of 10$. After that once your ads are verified your ads will become live on search or display or YouTube.

Lets come to the topic some users will find above title error which is not entered billing information. this is because in old adwords you can delete the credit and debit cards details soon after amount debit from your cards, some users do that for their safety in order to avoid deductions in their card. But the latest adwords update need you live cards to avoid misuse.

For the initial verification it may charge you nearly 1$ and if you delete and re-added the same card it will charge you 1$ again so don’t delete the card. If you delete the card details then your billing information error will occur.

Make sure enough balance in your credit card if your budget or 30 days completed then adwords will debit 10$ or the amount you have set earlier for your ad-group budget. Additionally some times you may get more debit from your ad daily budget but don’t worry you may not get debited for that adwords advance technology will optimize your ads performance every time. You may also like previous WordPress 301 article.

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