WordPress 301 Not working Solve it without any Plugins 2019

WordPress 301 Not working Solve it without any Plugins 2019 | you cannot simply make redirect by accessing the c panel of your website if you have the powerful CMS WordPress.

Some difficulties in redirect said by the WordPress users world wide they may find the solution in forums like plugins usage. Yes some plugins have good solution for these kind of redirects but they are temporary, because a sudden update from WordPress may kill your redirect plugins and kill your website’s SEO which will result website to die.

To solve these redirect problem htaccess is the best solution lets look why. As all the website owners know website is not static many websites and URLS will change periodically even search engines love them and the popular search giant told the webmasters proper 301 and canonical usage will not hurt your website’s ranking.

301 wp
301 wp

Additionally they also allow multiple redirects cross redirects more than 4 or 5 and then the search bots will get tier. So try to limit the redirects by 2 or 3 don’t hurt the fat pandas. The recent search updates is looking for good speed more and more redirects won’t get in top 100 search result itself.

So lets come back to the topic the WordPress doesn’t allow the c panel redirects these is because of limitations in ht-access. Actually the c panel redirects will initialize redirects on the ht-access before the WordPress install folder that is the actual problem.

So just open the installed folder of WordPress there you can see the htaccess file if not just enable the hidden folder because these folder may be hidden by the c panel and just write the code redirect 301 old URL path and New URL this will solve your problem 100%. So don’t install those plugins for these simple task.

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