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Add text in top area of the image by clicking top text box shown below, same you can add text in the bottom by bottom text box. Tutorial videos for new visitors, Returning visitors try new templates.

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Not only templates you can also upload your own photos to our website for free !

Steps for creating memes:

In our homepage you will see a demo image in main screen and followed by adding text option, By default you will see top text and bottom text fill the text you need then drag or resize the text and leave on desired position.

These is the current good generator online which is created in current 2017 trend, this is the good center of latest template collection.

Add more text:

Change text size - by default font size will be 42 based on your need you can change the font size.

font color: Not white color is always suitable for your memes just change the color in font color option which will bring you good look and feel for your image.

Padding: last in the adding text option is padding which will boost the padding of the text based on the font color background you choose your padding color will change.

You can add more text by clicking add text option same you can drag that text too, placed on position on meme. Initially text will be seen in center of image you can drag as per your wish.

Create-meme.com is rated as one of the best Tamil meme generator online by a popular website from march 2018 thanks for your support make us no.1 spot soon.

Additional options like using capital letters, draw inside photo is also available by clicking that options / tool box link.

Creatememe.com is the best fastest generator with mobile support, no other website will provide you this experience. Yes you can drag like desktop in you mobile or tablet, Shrink can be done by dragging the text from right edge to left and drag to best position.

Many of our fans say this is one of the best generator online, thanks for you support please give some valuable feed back for fine tune us. you can add new templates to our database for free with out any registration.

This is the best site to make memes our app already available on google's play store and for security purpose it will opened in new browser. You cab make memes with your own photos with two options available which is quick generator other is templates uploader ( For popular templates).

With in short period of time our site became best for create memes online. With popular memes templates available in our database you can generate pictures (text image generator).

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